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Wham! Pow!…It’s!

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Are you scared of your kitchen? Do vegetables confuse you? Never picked up a saucepan before?

Fear not! has the answers – think of us as your mates, your buddies, your wingmen in the kitchen. We’re here to give you all the info and help you need when hunger strikes.

Our mission is to prove there’s more to student food and cooking than beans on toast and Pot Noodle! We’ve got everything you need to get you knocking up some tasty nosh (without breaking into the going-out funds).

It’s easier than you think when you’ve got our cool online videos and recipes showing you exactly how it’s done. Follow step-by-step instructions on making all those tasty student favourites: everything from classic spag bol to a proper homemade curry, through to vegetarian and vegan grub – we’ve got your kitchen capers covered!

But is far more than just a collection of tasty recipes – we’ve got tons of other videos coming direct from campuses across the UK featuring some of the tastiest talent at uni – YOU! Yep, you are the star of our videos! Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a Master Chef or don’t even know where the kitchen is in your flat, we want to hear from you and what you want to do with food!

So have a butcher’s round the site, pick your favourite recipes and impress your mates (and make some new ones!) by creating a delicious dish in the kitchen!

Oh, and don’t forget – we’re on this social networking malarky too, so become a fan/follow! :)

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