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St. Andrews: Sustainability 101

Monday, January 17th, 2011

St Andrews: Sustainability 101.

I have an honest confession to make, i used throw plastic bags away, still use CF sprays and didn’t recycle. That is until i went to St. Andrews! when you see the stunning Fifeshire countryside, the rolling green hills and beautiful coastline, you can understand why they are so conscious about preserving their green and pleasant land up north!

To add another charge to my confession of enviro-terrorism, i never took food and energy/food waste into consideration. My idea of environmentally friendly cooking was cooking with the extractor light bulb fan off! All the food that was cooked with was sourced from around a 30 mile radius out of St. Andrews, it was fresher and exceptionally tasty. Our three chefs knocked up some incredible stuff; Katharine’s stuffed fife squash was a fantastic winter warmer, the smoky cured bacon playing perfectly with the creamy loch Ryan cheese and sweet squash flesh. Christoph’s smooth and silky Cullenskink was worthy of any highlanders own effort and Josh produced a wonderfully light and fragrant Cranachan which really complimented all the ingredients he had used (Scottish raspberries, cream from St. Andrews etc). Not only had the food come from local producers, saving on food miles, but all were cooked with mother nature in mind. Both Katharine and Christoph went for the one pot method of cooking, using less gas and electricity, while Josh chose to create his dish purely using his own man-ergy!

All the food cooked was delicious and deciding who had won was a tough decision. Cooking responsibly and using local food is not just for the dreadlocked, hemp loving bob dylan aficionados of this world. You dont have to be Neil from the “Young Ones” to love a bit of green cuisine, many of the suppliers we used supply to all the top restaurants in the area, it is basically just good, honest food cooked simply. Peace and Love…;-)