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Irn Bru Sundae

Monday, March 28th, 2011

This ‘classic’ Scottish dish came to us on the day of filming. For want of an oven to prepare a Haggis or something slightly more conventional for our Celtic cousins, we combined the two things Scots seem to love: their national orange fluorescent tipple + a huge dose of sugar, cream and fats = …and lo, the Irn Bru Sundae was born.

Very simple in concept and despite misconceptions, remarkably tasty, to the point that none was left.

You will need:
• One bottle of Irn Bru
• A litre of vanilla ice cream
• Hundreds of Thousands
• A Cherry

Basically, load a pint glass (yes classy, you’ve probably stole one from the SU) with a scoop of ice cream, then top with Irn Bru. Repeat this until the glass is full, then finish with sprinkles, cherries, etc. It’s not healthy and won’t win you a Michelin star, but it does taste rather good.