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Country Cooks at Liverpool University: Nubla Speaks!

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Nubla: My experience of taking part in Country Cooks was in retrospect very pleasant! I say in retrospect because at the time I was very nervous that I was going to ruin the food I was cooking. Prior to making the film I didn’t have a lot of experience with British food and I really wasn’t prepared when the team asked us to swap places.

I think the biggest thing I was feeling was that I didn’t want to waste all the wonderful ingredients Jess had brought to cook with! In the end though it didn’t go too badly at all. Which makes me now feel that it’s better to just try and have a go usually it goes ok and if not you’ll know for the next time.

I have cooked more British food since with varying degrees of success. I hope Jess has tried more Maldivian food as I think she liked it and she did cook it very well.

County Cooks: Tessa Tells All…

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

I’m really into cooking and know a lot about Italian, Indian and of course British cuisine, but I’ve never tried Russian, and to be honest, didn’t have a clue about what Russian or Latvian food would be like.
The first thing I noticed was the amount of sausages used in the recipe!  There were so many different kinds, and all in one pot!  It was really interesting as well that the end dish was more of a soup than a stew.  I don’t know if it was supposed to be like that, but it tasted really nice!
Would I try cooking Russian food again?  Yes, definitely!  It was a really warming dish, especially in the winter and it didn’t cost much or take too long to cook.  Have a go!

Country Cooks: Alonas Thoughts…

Friday, November 21st, 2008

It is the first time that I’ve come to England and I didn’t know what to expect when I started cooking Tessa’s dish.  I have tried fish and chips and shepherd’s pie, but I’d never heard of Toad In The Hole-I got confused halfway through because I didn’t know when to put the toads in!  British cooking has a lot of funny names for their dishes!
I found the dish very easy to cook and thought the way the batter rose in the oven was really incredible!  I really want to try and cook it again and will definitely try it when I get back home to Latvia

Top 10 Essential Student Ingredients

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

With all the great choice of stuff you can get at the market, it’s easy to get carried away and just concentrate on the main thing you need for your dish. There are, however, some essential things you will need to be the base for most meals that you should ALWAYS have in your cupboard!

Here’s out top 10:

Pasta – whether it’s spaghetti, pasta, fusilli, macaroni…it doesn’t matter. Takes about 15 minutes to boil and has the carbs you need in a balanced diet.
Garlic – Break off the cloves as and when you need them, and if it’s kept in your cupboard where it’s cool and dark, it will last around 6 weeks.
Onions – You’ll use them a lot, so make sure you’ve got two or three in your cupboard. They’ll last about two weeks.
Herbs – You can really get into herbs (legal ones!!) as they each add their own flavour to your dishes, and can really boost an ordinary meal. But, as we’re on a budget, we’ve just got a packet of mixed dried herbs. Because they’re dried, they’ll last ages.
Tin of chopped tomatoes – always useful to have. A quick fix for spag bol and lasagne.
Stock cubes – Whether they’re veg, chicken or beef, these are useful. Just crumble them into a bowl, add boiling water and stir. They’ll add flavour to your dishes and soups.
Olive oil – one thing you should try and spend a bit of money on, as a good one will make a lot of difference to your cooking. You’ll only use a small bit at a time so it’ll keep.
Salt and pepper – Whenever you boil rice, pasta or potatoes, you’ll need a pinch of salt in there and you can season your food when you eat.

Wham! Pow!…It’s!

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Are you scared of your kitchen? Do vegetables confuse you? Never picked up a saucepan before?

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Our mission is to prove there’s more to student food and cooking than beans on toast and Pot Noodle! We’ve got everything you need to get you knocking up some tasty nosh (without breaking into the going-out funds).

It’s easier than you think when you’ve got our cool online videos and recipes showing you exactly how it’s done. Follow step-by-step instructions on making all those tasty student favourites: everything from classic spag bol to a proper homemade curry, through to vegetarian and vegan grub – we’ve got your kitchen capers covered!

But is far more than just a collection of tasty recipes – we’ve got tons of other videos coming direct from campuses across the UK featuring some of the tastiest talent at uni – YOU! Yep, you are the star of our videos! Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a Master Chef or don’t even know where the kitchen is in your flat, we want to hear from you and what you want to do with food!

So have a butcher’s round the site, pick your favourite recipes and impress your mates (and make some new ones!) by creating a delicious dish in the kitchen!

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