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How to make a sausage – like a pro!

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Some of the crew have been travelling round uni Freshers’ Fairs in the past week – and have more to come this week! It’s been very fun…

…And educational! While we were at Oxford Brookes’ Fair, Executive Chef Andrew Walker was celebrating the good old pig: showing students how to use ALL of the animal apart from the oink for cooking and eating.

We went along to see Andrew giving demonstrations of the various cuts of meat from the different parts of the pig – head, cheeks, ears, feet – and got us all to try it. It might sound a bit gruesome but it was tasty and is really cheap to get, too!

Plus, Rob (one of our Account Managers) got stuck in and was shown how to make a sausage – watch the video for an educational laugh!