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Grumpy old Gastro

Friday, August 28th, 2009

I’ve got to state initially, I am not a food snob. I will eat anything, anywhere, whether its  fried calves brains eaten in the dank streets of Bruges, “Pattie Buttie” (colloquial Hull term for “hand raised potato and sage cake, infused with wild sage, lightly floured in local artisan flour and gently fried in a home made organic batter”) eaten in the equally dank and violent streets of my home port or pigs trotters, ill eat it. No bones about it mate, “what’s that, deep fried custard? Yeah slap it on” (true story). Everything and Anything.

Anthony Bourdain said the body isn’t a temple, but an amusement park…if my body was an amusement park it would certainly be one of those provincial death trap hell holes on my native east coast…Pleasure Island? …Food wise its had everything.  The worst things though (and I’ve had some shockers) are pasta dishes, chilis and stir fry’s I’ve had at my mates houses while at uni. What is it with students and dried herbs! All these dishes have been destroyed by the inclusion of these flaky portents of doom, come on kids, it’s like adding sawdust to your dishes.

Its a pretty common to see in most student kitchens vast armies of faded little  jars, hand me downs from parents and friends, their contents long since void of flavor and character, they are detritus, redundant…yet people still use them.  At least buy some new jars, actually, no don’t bother, pay seventy or ninety pence and buy some FRESH herbs.

Newsflash! They taste amazing, they are cheap, they look amazing, a handful of chopped flat leaf parsley, a sprig of thyme or a few mint leaves will transform your dish into something pretty special.