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Sal Paradise…What do you think?

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

It was 100% intentional that we chose Dave to do the cooking for our band. We’ve eaten his food a load of times and like we’ve never been disappointed. I guess he had the advantage of experience because he has done some work in kitchens when he’s done ski season and stuff but it’d have been stupid of us to not make the most of that!

I am a pretty good cook myself…I think. If I had cooked the meal I would have done something much more simple probably. Something like a casserole or a stew because I like cooking things like that when you can just throw everything in and let it cook. It dead cheap, really simple and ideal for the winter because it warms you up! Having said that we were meant to be making something that represented the music we play, which I don’t think a stew does!

If you wanna find out more about the band and our upcoming gigs and stuff go to our MySpace page. Here’s a link:

The Boys From the Band

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Filming this video for was a pretty crazy experience for us  – the day was a very busy one for the band as we were coming straight from a different piece of filming in Buckinghamshire to our drummer Olly’s house in Acton where the studentcooking film was going to happen.

Once we were back and ready it was quickly decided that Tom and Fabio should be the spokespeople. The rest of us were more than happy to come up with and play bizaare little excerpts of songs to realistically mirror the emotions felt by Tom and Fabio at each stage of the tasting process.

The expert hands of the studentcooking staff knocked up some serious dishes for the boys to work with – the idea was to give people some tips on what kind of drinks would go with what kind of foods – red wine, white wine, different type of beer etc. Being as they are true gastronomic connoisseurs, Tom and Fabs had no trouble making the right choices, as you can see for yourself. We hope that this video will help you out a little bit next time you’re stuck on the food/drink dilemma, and therefore improve your life a bit.