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Guide to Market Shopping

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

The market is your best friend when it comes to food shopping. Markets have got much more flexible pricing than supermarkets and can offer discounts and round down prices where supermarkets can’t. Supermarkets are ruled by a nationwide company pricing structure, but independent shops and stalls are their own bosses-they can decide what to sell and what price to sell it at.
A lot of market stalls and independent shops do student discounts, but often don’t advertise them-don’t be afraid to ask them!
Independent butchers, fishmongers and other market traders are also likely to have more knowledge about cooking and be better trained than most staff in supermarkets. So, when you want to have fish for dinner, but have no idea how to cook it, or if you’re not sure how to make perfect roast potatoes, ask the traders and shopkeepers for their expert advice.