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Country Cooks at Liverpool: Jess’s Thoughts…

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Jess: I think I did okay with Nubla’s fish cutlets recipe – it’s fair to say that the balls were too big and I managed to quite badly burn some of them but overall I was pleased. I’ve cooked them since and they were much better the second time. I’m blaming the added pressure of the camera for the first attempt.

I’ve actually tried cooking some more international foods since the filming. I’ve got quite a few friend who are from overseas so we did a similar thing whereby I teach them how to cook an English dish and they teach me one of their recipes.

The favourite recipe I’ve cooked so far is Malaysian dish called Nasi Goreng. It’s a rice dish that I think is ideal for any student lifestyle. It basically consists of any meat or veg you might have left over all cooked together with egg and loads of spices and stuff. Really easy to cook, cheap and really aromatic and tasty.

Country Cooks at Liverpool University: Nubla Speaks!

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Nubla: My experience of taking part in Country Cooks was in retrospect very pleasant! I say in retrospect because at the time I was very nervous that I was going to ruin the food I was cooking. Prior to making the film I didn’t have a lot of experience with British food and I really wasn’t prepared when the team asked us to swap places.

I think the biggest thing I was feeling was that I didn’t want to waste all the wonderful ingredients Jess had brought to cook with! In the end though it didn’t go too badly at all. Which makes me now feel that it’s better to just try and have a go usually it goes ok and if not you’ll know for the next time.

I have cooked more British food since with varying degrees of success. I hope Jess has tried more Maldivian food as I think she liked it and she did cook it very well.