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My Time With

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Emily was the presenter for our University of Liverpool shopping guide and put together a little blog entry for us about her day with us and what she learnt -

So on starting at uni the last thing I was thinking about is what I was going to feed myself over the year to come; rather I was thinking about the societies I was going to join, where my lectures and seminars were and the most important point of where was best for a night out. However it was not long before I had got through my food stash supplied by the parents for the first week of uni (which may I add had been devoured in a few days with only cans of sweetcorn and such left, only to be ignored!). Soon enough I was facing the issue of what to buy and where to buy it. Initially I fell into the trap of the Walmart, going once or twice a week to the popular destinations for students of Tesco or ASDA and spending about £30 on mainly the basic fruit and meat with the odd treat thrown in! Needless to say I’d often return thinking I had nothing to eat and before I knew it any fruit or veg I had bought had gone off and a lot was being wasted. Thankfully I decided to help with student cooking tv in making the University of Liverpool Shopping Guide and it opened my eyes to all the great places in Liverpool to get great food on a student budget!

This opportunity enabled me to look past the world of Walmart and opened my eyes to the variety of local markets that are on offer all around Liverpool, such as St Johns market which not only specialises in food markets but also clothes and bags. (Not great if your aim is to save money on your trip as you may end up poorer having looked at these stalls too!) Both here and along the town streets are stands of fresh fruit and vegtables that help you on your way to having your 5 a day- something the regular student struggles in managing!

As well as this I headed to China town where I was shown that I could pick up numerous spices and oriental ingredients to aid in my cooking for a small price too. This is particularly good if you’re either bored of your typical food and like to experiment or in fact you enjoy the cuisine of other cultures such as Chinese, Japenese ad Korean. Being a self- confessed ‘lazy cook’ I acknowledged the fact that by simply adding a different spice or sauce to a pasta, rice or meat dish I could create an entirely new meal.

A key lesson I learnt making this video was the importance of making a list beofre you go shopping so you don’t lose track of what you set out for which in turn will help you over spend. Similarly by making some sort of meal plan for the week you give yourself a sense of direction and idea of what you have and can eat in that week without needing to go out to spend more.

Thanks to looking past the big supermarket signs with the help of student cooking tv crew, Rob and Eastwood I am well on the way to eating better this year whilst also saving myself pennies- both of which I benefit from now and in the long-term! Cheers guys!

Emily x

Country Cooks at Liverpool: Jess’s Thoughts…

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Jess: I think I did okay with Nubla’s fish cutlets recipe – it’s fair to say that the balls were too big and I managed to quite badly burn some of them but overall I was pleased. I’ve cooked them since and they were much better the second time. I’m blaming the added pressure of the camera for the first attempt.

I’ve actually tried cooking some more international foods since the filming. I’ve got quite a few friend who are from overseas so we did a similar thing whereby I teach them how to cook an English dish and they teach me one of their recipes.

The favourite recipe I’ve cooked so far is Malaysian dish called Nasi Goreng. It’s a rice dish that I think is ideal for any student lifestyle. It basically consists of any meat or veg you might have left over all cooked together with egg and loads of spices and stuff. Really easy to cook, cheap and really aromatic and tasty.