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Leeds Met International Cook-Off Recipes

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

If you liked what you saw here are the recipes to give it a go yourself!

Aubergine Burger

250g Pork Mince
One Aubergine
A large pinch of Salt
A pinch of Sugar
A pinch of Chicken flavour Bouillon
40g Leek
20g Ginger
2 tbsp Chinese Soy Sauce
1tbsp Shaohsing Cooking Wine
One Egg
50g Plain Flour
Vegetable Oil

Preparation Method:

1. Put all the pork mince into a bowl
2. Chop leek and ginger into tiny pieces, put into the bowl and mix well with the mince.
3. Add the salt, sugar, bouillon, soy sauce and cooking wine into the mince, mix well.
4. Slice the aubergine into thin, disc-shaped slices, leaving the skin on.
5. Take two aubergine slices and place the stuffing made in step 3 into the middle of them, like making a burger. Repeat for all pairs.
6. Whisk the egg, plain flour and water together until it forms a smooth and thick mixture.
7. Heat oil in frying pan.
8. Soak every piece of prepared aubergine burger in the mixture until it is covered with the flour, and place the burgers into the heated pan, fry until golden-brown.
9. Serve! Tastes great with a side salad or chilli dipping sauce.

Tzatziki Kebabs


1 plain yoghurt (total yoghurt brand works well)
1 tsp Mint Flakes
2 Cloves of garlic – crushed
1 tsp Olive Oil
Pinch of salt
1 chicken breast
Handful of oregano


1. Combine the yoghurt, mint flakes, garlic and olive oil and refrigerate.
2. Cut the chicken breast into cubes and marinate with a generous slather of olive oil and the oregano.
3. Make a dish shape out of tin foil and place the chicken inside. Pop under the grill for 15 minutes or until cooked through.
4. During the last five minutes, place a pitta bread under the grill too.
5. Bring it all together! Place the chicken in the grilled pitta bread and add the tzatziki to taste.

Food shopping in Bristol

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Bristol is a food lovers’ paradise, especially if you’re into buying locally – there’s so much on offer!

HIDDEN TREASURES (from a local Bristolian!)

Situated on St Marks Road, this specialist food company is legendary – selling all sorts of amazing Asian and Ethnic products.

St Marks Road
This whole street is generally amazing – offering a truly international flavour with great Indian sweet shops, vegetarian and curry type restaurants – here are a couple of favourites.

International Students and Egham: Lets Explore

Monday, September 13th, 2010


Budgens Is an excellent independent supermarket chain stocking a wide selection of essential, everyday items.  Just a 10 minute walk from campus or hop on one of the campus busses down to Egham.  Its also worth checking out the shelves for lots of international ingredients

Budgens Supermarket

1-5 Station Road North
TW20 9LD

Tel: 01784 439 100

Open 24 hours


Egham Oriental Store has a good range of authentic international ingreidients from around the world.  Rosanna the owner is a fantastic local character and has promised to offer tips and advice with any recipes!  The store stocks lots of products from Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and even some Russian stuff!!

Egham Oriental Store
43 High Street

Tel: 01784 479 352

Open from 9:00 am to 5.30am


Ansells stocks a wide selection of meat reared in the local Surrey area.  Neil assures me that all the guys behind the counter are good cooks and know their meat inside out, sodont be afraid to seek his help!  This butchers shop is used to dealing with overseas students so don’t be afraid!

Ansells Butchers

42, Bond street,
Englefield Green,

Tue – Fri 8:30 – 5:30

Sat 8:30-3:00

To reach Engelfield Green take the numbers 3 or the 441 busses from Egham.


Chertsey farm shop has a huge selection of locally produced fruit and vegetables from. It also has an extensive range of international goods such as shitake mushrooms, fresh ginger and chili.

Chertsey Farm Shop

The Farm Shop Lyne Limited, Hardwick Lane, Lyne (Nr. Chertsey), Surrey, KT16 0AA

Directions on how to find the farm shop are at:

How To Find Food In St. Andrews!

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Tesco Metro
St. Andrews
KY16 9PD

Open 7.30am-23:59 Mon-Sat
10:00-22:00 Sunday

Medium sized supermarket situated in the centre of St. Andrews.  Good range of local products and Scottish foods, also good international aisles with some Indian, Chinese and Polish ingredients.

The Orchard
201 South Street
St. Andrews

Tel: 01334 472530

Open 9-5pm Monday to Sat.

A wonderful little greengrocers located in the centre of St. Andrews stocking a good selection of locally produced and imported fruits and vegetables.  Much of what’s on offer is relatively familiar but if you have any question or queries just ask!

Minick of St.Andrews

183 south street
St. Andrews,

Tel: 01334 472147

Open Monday to Saturday. 9-5pm

Fantastic butchers shop selling everything from fresh scottish Beef, Lamb, Chicken and             Pork to Scotch pies, Haggis and Eggs.  The owner is called Stewart and deals with many international students so if there is anything you are unsure of, just ask him.

Matthews Food LTD.

17-19 Gellatly Street

Tel: 01382 226 628

Open seven days a week: 9:30 am -5:30pm

Huge selection of foods from all over the world situated in the heart of Dundee.  This store stocks food from China, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Indonesia to name but a few.

To reach Dundee you can take the 99C bus from St. Andrews bus station

A train service operates between Leuchars and Dundee with up to two trains running every hour.

International Shopping in Bath

Monday, September 13th, 2010


Shaftesbury Rd,
Oldfield Park,

Tel: 01225 429123

The supermarket can be a great place to get your hands on everyday essential items such as eggs, bread and milk.  For international students, you can usually find a decent selection of international ingredients from around the world so its always worth checking the shelves.

Twerton Market

Twerton Football ground Car Park

Tel: 01225 47 7101

A fantastic local farmers market open every Thursday from around 9:00 am until around 1:00pm.  With stalls ranging from butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers all selling a fantastic range of local Somerset foods.

Many of the market stall holders have experience with dealing with overseas students and are always willing to help.  You should recognise many of the ingredients on the stalls but if not always ask.

The market is easily reached by the number 18 bus, taken to Twerton parade.

International supermarket

Wai Yee Hong
Eastgate Oriental City
Eastgate Road,

Tel: 0845 873 3388

Open 7 days a week. 10:30AM-5:30PM

Wai Yee Hong is a fantastic place for UK students and overseas students to come along to and find themselves a vast range of authentic ingredients from all around the world such as India, Thailand, China and Japan.

To reach Bristol from Bath, take either the 339, 649 and the x39

There are regular trains from Bristol Temple Meads stations.

International Food Shopping in Leicester

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

If you’d like to visit any of the shops and market stalls that Ainia and her friends visited, then you’ll find them below:

Leicester Market

9 Market Place South



0116 223 2371

Monday – Saturday: 7am-6pm

(Indoor market Tuesday – Saturday: 8am-5pm)

Asiana Supermarket

70 Brazil St



0116 255 3888

Monday: Friday 9am – 6pm

Saturday: 10am-4pm

Sunday: 11am – 4pm

More Info on Food Shopping in Loughborough

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Even though it has a small town centre, Loughborough has got loads to offer when it comes to food shopping, especially when you’re looking for international ingredients.  Here’s a run down of what Pawel and Tas featured in the film:


Where: 21 Market St, Loughborough

Opening times:

Mon-Sat 09:00-18:00

Sun 10:00-16:00

Phone no: 01509 237 103


Where: 8 Market St, Loughborough

Opening Times:

Mon-Wed & Fri-Sat 07:00-19:00

Thu & Sun 10:00-16:00

Phone no: 01509 230 484


Where: Ashby Rd, Loughborough

Opening Times:

Mon-Sat 08:00-22:00

Sun 10:00-16:00

Phone no: 01509 237 724

Oriental Food Shop

Where: Ashby Square

Opening Times:

Mon-Sat 10:00-18:00


Phone no: 01509 219 625

Loughborough Market

Where: Loughborough town centre

Opening Times:

Thu & Sat 07:00-17:00

More info:

Loughborough Student Union Shop

Where: Student union

Opening Times:

Mon-Fri: 08:30-22:30

Sat: 08:30-17:30

Sun: 10:30-17:30

Phone no: 01509 635 000 (Student union switchboard)

More info on the Sprint Bus

The Sprint Bus stops at the following bus stops on Loughborough University campus:

1. Outside the Student Union

2. Outside the Mechanical Engineering building

3. Outside the Pilkington Library

Buses run every 10 minutes Monday to Friday, but less frequently on the weekend.  It costs £1.20 to get into town and £1.50 to get to the train station.  Return tickets are not available.

The journey should take 10 minutes from campus to town and 20 minutes from campus to the train station, however this is depending on traffic and can take longer.  To find out more, visit:

A Taste of Yorkshire: Behind the Scenes

Monday, January 18th, 2010

A Guide to Yorkshire

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Fancy visiting one of the towns and places featured in the film?  Check out the quick guide below:


Leeds is one of Yorkshire’s many modern cities, with a great shopping scene and buzzing nightlife.  The city centre is quite compact, meaning it’s easy to walk around and see all the sights.


31 Brudenell Rd,

Hyde Park,




Harrogate is a very upmarket town, with lots of cool art galleries and cafés to browse around on a sunny day.  The Valley Gardens is beautiful to walk around if the weather is nice.  Harrogate is a short train ride away from Leeds.

Lancaster Bakery

38 Cold Bath Rd,




York is one of England’s oldest cities, with strong links to both Viking and Roman times.  Another short train ride away from Leeds makes York an essential destination to visit.

Ebor Fisheries

1 Ebor St,


YO23 1AX

More Info On Leeds Food Shopping!

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Leeds International Shopping Guide Additional Content

Wondering how to get to the market?  Or what time the Co-op closes?  Look no further as below is all the info you need on the shops and supermarkets featured in Sofia’s guide:

The Co-operative Food Store

Where: 132 Cardigan Rd, Leeds

How to get there: Take either the no. 56 bus from the university, or walk down St. Michael’s Lane, then onto Cardigan Rd from Headingley.

Opening Times: open 24 hours (apart from Sunday, 10:00-16:00)

Phone no: 0113 278 5575


Where: 12-16 Arndale Centre, Headingley

How to get there: Take either the 1, 28, 95, 96 or 97A.  There’s a bus stop directly opposite the store.

Opening Times: Mon-Sat 08:00-22:00 / Sun 11:00-17:00

Phone no: 0113 214 2200


Where: Holt Rd, Holt Park, Leeds

How to get there: Take either the no. 1 or 96 straight to the store.

Opening Times: Mon-Sat 08:00-22:00 / Sun 10:00-16:00

Phone no: 0844 894 1234

Wing Lee Hong Oriental Supermarket

Where: 117 Vicar Lane, Leeds

How to get there: Take either the no. 1, 28, 95 or 96 into town, then walk to Vicar Lane.

Opening Times: Mon-Sun 10:00-18:00

Phone no: 0113 2430500

Abu Bakar International Supermarket

Where: 37 Queen’s Rd, Hyde Park

How to get there: Take the no. 56 to Hyde Park, then walk.

Opening Times: Mon-Sat 09:00-21:00

For more information, check out the University of Leeds’ International Student Handbook. It’s full of useful advice all about making your stay in Leeds (and the U.K.) even better!