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Birmingham Halls Cook Off

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

We all know the rivalry that simmers between the halls at Birmingham, but what happened when we put a group of Hall Reps in the kitchens of staff house and tossed in a culinary grenade?

Well…a lot of cooking really! We saw our teams create 8 fabulous meals that showed off their skills (and lack of them) to a panel of esteemed judges. Some of the dishes were fantastic, especially Mason’s tuna steak, and FOCSOC’s Carbonara – others were down right weird (Maid on the Vale – delicious but weird). I have got to say the quality was very high, and Jon (from FOCSOC) made the day very entertaining with his encyclopedic knowledge of expletives!

The judges were all very impressed, especially Kevin Herbert of the University catering management team. A big well done to all the teams, fantastic food and a fantastic film!

And to the Victor….Warm Beer!: Halls Cook Off, Liverpool

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Christian: Let me first begin by saying thank you to for the lovely crate of warm beer. It was a prize that was very short lived thanks to my friends who wanted to ‘celebrate’ with me.

I had a lot of fun doing the halls cook-off and was pleased that I was representing for Lady Mountford! I was pretty nervous before hand because my team-mate pulled out leaving me on my own when every other team was in two’s. I worried that they’d be able to work quicker and bring along more support but it was okay in the end.

The challenge was a weird one! My sandwich was going so well until the jelly – I know like in some places they eat jelly sandwiches but it wasn’t something I wanted to try or make either! Overall though it was just a lot of fun, we got to meet some great people and it created a genuine buzz and that was fantastic.