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Don’t go anywhere without these…

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Pasta – whether it’s spaghetti, pasta, fusilli, doesn’t matter. Takes about 15 minutes to boil and has the carbohydrates you need in a balanced diet.

Garlic - You break off the cloves as and when you need them, and if it’s kept in your cupboard where it’s cool and dark, it will last around 6 weeks. You’ll use it alot.

Onions - You’ll use them a lot (again), so make sure you’ve got two or three in your cupboard. They’ll last about two weeks.

• You can really get into herbs (legal herbs) as they each add their own flavour to your dishes, and can really boost an ordinary meal. But, as we’re on a budget, we’ve just got a packet of mixed dried herbs. Because they’re dried, they’ll last ages.

Tin of chopped tomatoes - always useful to have. A quick fix for spag bol, lasagne in your cupboard.

Stock cubes - whether they’re veg, chicken or beef, these are good to have. Just crumble them into a bowl, add boiling water and stir. They’ll add flavour to your dishes and soups.

Olive oil - one thing you should try and spend a bit of money on, as a good one will make a lot of difference to your cooking. You’ll only use a small bit at a time so it’ll keep.

Salt and pepper – Whenever you boil rice or pasta, you’ll need a pinch of salt in there and you can season your food when you eat. Plus, you can pretend to be posh and say ‘would you mind passing the condiments?’