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Jon’s Malaysian Tea

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Jon kindly found the time to show us how to make a traditional Malaysian Tea. To see the video click the link below:

Jon’s Malaysian Tea

Ophirs Korean Experience

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

The food I cooked with Joey has really opened my mind to try and experiment with other Korean dishes. I really like to cook for people so I re-created the recipe from the film recently for a group of my friends. Like me they hadn’t really eaten Korean food before and also like me really liked it!

I’ve actually started cooking a lot more Asian food. I like cooking it because ingredients are used in such different ways to most western cooking so it can be a challenge but it also teaches you a lot about how diverse some ingredients are. I think it’s nice to cook my own Asian food as it’s so different to the Asian food lots of takeaways sell. The flavours are far more prominent and the grease is kept to a minimum.

Experimenting with other cuisines is something I think everyone should try – generally I think you find that it isn’t as hard as it seems at first. Even if it is really hard it doesn’t matter if you mess up – just make sure you do that on a practise run, NOT when you’re cooking for friends!.

Country Cooks At Imperial: From Korea with Love

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Joey: I won’t pretend that I wasn’t slightly intimidated by Ophir’s experience of cooking at the start! I wouldn’t consider myself to be a master chef but I like to think I can hold my own. However, hearing of Ophir’s work experience in a professional kitchen added a whole lot of pressure.

Thankfully, that feeling quickly disappeared as I started to chop up my ingredients. I was eager to prove myself and demonstrate a whole new world of cooking that even the top Western chefs often overlook. It’s funny how things never go according to plan.

I was taken back when we had to switch dishes to say the least. Prior to making the film I had eaten a lot of risotto but not cooked a lot of it. I was thankful that Ophir had left such good directions to follow. I felt rather bad that I couldn’t reciprocate- cooking good Asian food isn’t so much following a step-by-step recipe and exact amounts as cooking by ‘feeling’, requiring some experience. But you have to start somewhere!

I think I did well with the risotto considering I’d never cooked it on my own before. I have full confidence in my cooking ability but everybody gets nervous when doing things for the first time. Now, risotto has become one of my signature dishes, especially seafood risotto with paprika, which I actually preferred to the mushroom recipe I cooked in the film. I hope Ophir has tried cooking more Asian food since the filming. He seemed to enjoy the challenge and he’s a confident cook so I think with practice he could conjure up some tasty dishes.

Country Cooks at Northumbria: Harrys Blog…

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Well…not sure what to write really. I was very taken back during the filming by the twist – in honesty I really wasn’t ready to cook Eniko’s omelet and I was feeling good about the Toad in the Hole as it’s like my signature dish. I wouldn’t say I was nervous about cooking the Basque omelet because I was at least familiar with all the ingredients whereas Eniko had to make some batter, which is something he’d never heard of.
Overall I did enjoy it, me and Eniko had a good laugh and to be fair I think we both did okay. I haven’t tried my hand at cooking and Basque food since but I would certainly consider it.

Country Cooks at Liverpool: Jess’s Thoughts…

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Jess: I think I did okay with Nubla’s fish cutlets recipe – it’s fair to say that the balls were too big and I managed to quite badly burn some of them but overall I was pleased. I’ve cooked them since and they were much better the second time. I’m blaming the added pressure of the camera for the first attempt.

I’ve actually tried cooking some more international foods since the filming. I’ve got quite a few friend who are from overseas so we did a similar thing whereby I teach them how to cook an English dish and they teach me one of their recipes.

The favourite recipe I’ve cooked so far is Malaysian dish called Nasi Goreng. It’s a rice dish that I think is ideal for any student lifestyle. It basically consists of any meat or veg you might have left over all cooked together with egg and loads of spices and stuff. Really easy to cook, cheap and really aromatic and tasty.

Country Cooks at Liverpool University: Nubla Speaks!

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Nubla: My experience of taking part in Country Cooks was in retrospect very pleasant! I say in retrospect because at the time I was very nervous that I was going to ruin the food I was cooking. Prior to making the film I didn’t have a lot of experience with British food and I really wasn’t prepared when the team asked us to swap places.

I think the biggest thing I was feeling was that I didn’t want to waste all the wonderful ingredients Jess had brought to cook with! In the end though it didn’t go too badly at all. Which makes me now feel that it’s better to just try and have a go usually it goes ok and if not you’ll know for the next time.

I have cooked more British food since with varying degrees of success. I hope Jess has tried more Maldivian food as I think she liked it and she did cook it very well.

County Cooks: Tessa Tells All…

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

I’m really into cooking and know a lot about Italian, Indian and of course British cuisine, but I’ve never tried Russian, and to be honest, didn’t have a clue about what Russian or Latvian food would be like.
The first thing I noticed was the amount of sausages used in the recipe!  There were so many different kinds, and all in one pot!  It was really interesting as well that the end dish was more of a soup than a stew.  I don’t know if it was supposed to be like that, but it tasted really nice!
Would I try cooking Russian food again?  Yes, definitely!  It was a really warming dish, especially in the winter and it didn’t cost much or take too long to cook.  Have a go!

Country Cooks: Alonas Thoughts…

Friday, November 21st, 2008

It is the first time that I’ve come to England and I didn’t know what to expect when I started cooking Tessa’s dish.  I have tried fish and chips and shepherd’s pie, but I’d never heard of Toad In The Hole-I got confused halfway through because I didn’t know when to put the toads in!  British cooking has a lot of funny names for their dishes!
I found the dish very easy to cook and thought the way the batter rose in the oven was really incredible!  I really want to try and cook it again and will definitely try it when I get back home to Latvia

Country Cooks Comes To Sheffield: Sams Blog…

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

I had a great experience cooking with Ravish. I am hugely passionate about cooking and love to challenging myself and trying out new cuisines. It was actually really nice to see Ravish getting stuck in learning to cook some British food.

I had never cooked Mauritian food before – through my course I’d had a lot of experience of cooking curries from other cultures like Indian and Chinese curries but I found the Mauritian curry completely different. There was less emphasis on spice and much more focus on deep aromatic flavours. I have cooked the dish since the filming and had some amazing results – I found that you can leave the chicken to marinate in the herbs and spices before cooking it really soaks up all the flavours and its amazing.

I was pleased with the results I got from the recipe. I probably didn’t do it exactly how Ravish may have done himself but then I think that’s what cooking is all about. You only ever learn by experimenting and finding a way you’re comfortable doing it.

I run SHUcooking at Hallam and would urge anyone who is interested in cooking to come along. We really do have something for everyone whether you need to learn how to boil an egg or want to show us how to cook your specialality so please do come along. If you follow the link below it’ll take you to a page all about SHUcooking.

A Ravish-ing Report From Country Cooks

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Ravish: Thinking back on doing the cooking film with feels like a blur. It was very close to the time of filming when I confirmed to take part and then I had to rush to the shops to buy ingredients. When I got back from the shop the team had already arrived with their cameras and Sam who was very nice to meet.

No sooner had I got ready to cook and then we were filming and we were given the twist! My first feeling was joy as food from the Mauritius is not too well recognised here in the UK so I felt good that Sam would be learning more about the cuisine. At the same time however I felt very worried about cooking the British food as this was something I not done before.

I did enjoy myself greatly though and was pleased that Sam did well with cooking the curry I had planned. I also got to cook something I never had before when I prepared the gravy – this is something I will be doing again! In fact I would like to cook the whole meal again, the sausages were amazing.