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Surviving the cold weather – the Xing way

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Simon Long, co-founder of Xing, wrote us a Guest Blog about student food perfect for the colder weather. As someone who runs a business working with students (Xing is all about student-run smoothie bars and enterprise days in schools and colleges), he’s in a good position to share his advice, and offer a cheeky recipe too!

The new uni term unfortunately signals the end of summer. But the cold days and darker nights are the perfect opportunity to make some really simple but impressive grub for you and your housemates – if you want to score some brownie points!

Firstly, you’ll need a slow cooker. You can pick one up from Argos for about £30. It’s a big-ish one-off cost but you’ll save lots of money on ingredients. When you slow cook for hours you can use much cheaper cuts of meat such as shin of beef in this case, which would ordinarily be too tough to use. The result is a hot and hearty stew with rich deep flavours and perfectly tender meat. You don’t even have to stand over the stove whilst the magic happens.

Try this recipe…