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Summer Memories On a Dark Evening

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Joe: This summer found me in the wilds of Northumbria for a pleasant few weeks with a group of friends.  We did all the usual holiday malarkey, beach, drink, eat, beach, drink, eat…etc.  It was during one such round of drinking that a challenge was set forth as to see who could catch a fish from the murky depths of the North Sea using only a child size fishing rod.  Now this rod was seriously small (apologies, I have just realised that was innuendo of the “Carry On” kind…), like someone had got it from Wilko’s Borrowers department, heck it even made SCTV’s very own Tom white look like he was 5’7 (keep peddling that one Tom!)  Such a task I thought impossible and concocted a devilish plan to buy some wet fish from the local supermarket, attach it to rod and haul it in from the sea thus winning the twenty pound prize from my gullible amigo’s and looking like a big shot fisherman…to cut along story short my plan failed miserably, the line snapped sending my £8.99 Sea Bass into the abyss of the North Sea and leaving Captain Birdseye spinning in his bread-crumby grave.  So the best part of a tenner down I tried to distract the rest of the parties’ thoughts from the fishing challenge to the digging of a huge hole, a hole so deep that I could cover up my meteoric defeat, alas, my good buddies Richard and Matt had taken this opportunity to do a little “fishing” of their own and on hearing a cry from these two modern day Ahab’s, I was horrified to see a beautiful silvery little fish of triumph hanging from the bright pink rod.  Mortified and a laughing stock it was only my Student Cooking TV training that allowed me to identify the fish as a fresh water rainbow trout, gutted and cleaned! and evidently bought around the same time as I had sneaked off to Tesco’s wet fish counter at 6 that morning.  Now for those of you who don’t know, FRESH WATER rainbow trout don’t really like salt water at all…all bets were off but hunger had set in.  Being quite far away from civilisation I decided to light up the camping gas and set to work at filleting the fish with a blunt Swiss army knife and a bottle of Perrier water.  After half an hour I had two beautiful coral pink fillets sizzling away on the camping stove, 5 cloves of slowly braised garlic in butter and a queue of fifteen. I had to perform something of a Jesus and distribute the two fishes and five cloves of braised garlic to the assembled masses but everyone got a mouthful of fish, a bit of garlic and that abundant condiment to any beach dinning experience, sand.  If you’ve had any alfresco sessions over summer, BBQ’s etc send in your pictures and lets us know your stories!