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A Blog from Baker – a young Heston!

Friday, February 24th, 2012

‘I’m Nickie Baker and currently in my 3rd year at Swansea University studying Law and Business. I have always loved to cook; throughout my childhood I would often cook with my mother and grandmother at weekends and on my own whenever possible. I always dreamt of being a chef, but I decided to keep cooking as my hobby! It’s my way of winding down and taking my mind off my university work.

A passion for food and cooking
I love trying new foods and new ways of cooking food you eat every day, and to me appearance of food is as important as the taste. I love cooking foods from various cuisines and am always keen to experiment.
Food is essential to survival so why not enjoy it? It’s a great contribution to any social event, I’m sure you’ve all seen the TV show ‘Come Dine With Me?’ Why not replicate such an event within your flat or friendship group? To me and my family food is essential to socialising, and trying new foods with people is something I enjoy; I love to cook for people and see them enjoy my food :)