Kitchen Confidential

Everyday thousands of St. Andrews students pour through the doors of dining halls across campus and tuck into some of the great food which comes out of the kitchens.  After living in halls, Emily was intrigued to find out what actually went on behind the service hatch and meet the people who cooked her food!

Getting into the kitchen, Emily met a team of men and women, lead by Head Chef Ross, dedicated to producing locally sourced, nutritionally balanced meals with a taste of home cooking.  When the production crew got into the kitchen at 7 we were immediately met by the grinning face of Chef Ross (all 8ft of him!) who was frying mountains of bacon, fresh sausage, scottish fruit pudding and endless rounds of toast.  The day continued with production of student classics such as macaroni and cheese, freshly fried fish and chips, griddled chicken breasts and a huge array of salads, all carefully created to make sure that the students left with a full belly and big smile.

We all came away from the day with a massive respect for the people who work to provide the students of St. Andrews with their daily meals, and an appreciation of just what goes into making the food that students across campus love to eat.

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