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James’ Student Slow-cooked Sausage Special

Monday, February 27th, 2012

‘Hi there! My name is James Heaney and as well as being a third year English student at University of St Andrews I’m also the Features Editor at The Tribe – a magazine produced by my humble self and some other, rather more glamorous, fellow students.

As we all know, being a student sometimes requires hard work – even if it’s just because you’re trying to schedule 4 hours of lectures around your hectic social life. In between writing, studying and editing I tend to wind down by experimenting with lots of different cooking styles, flavours and recipes. Some of them have, admittedly, been total shockers that you wouldn’t even feed to your own worst enemy/Donald Trump.

However, I’ve also managed to cook some fairly tasty meals over the years and I’ve supplied you here with the recipe for one of my all time favourites (serves 4 hungry people!), which never lets me down… apart from the time I forgot to put the slow cooker on.’

A Blog from Baker – a young Heston!

Friday, February 24th, 2012

‘I’m Nickie Baker and currently in my 3rd year at Swansea University studying Law and Business. I have always loved to cook; throughout my childhood I would often cook with my mother and grandmother at weekends and on my own whenever possible. I always dreamt of being a chef, but I decided to keep cooking as my hobby! It’s my way of winding down and taking my mind off my university work.

A passion for food and cooking
I love trying new foods and new ways of cooking food you eat every day, and to me appearance of food is as important as the taste. I love cooking foods from various cuisines and am always keen to experiment.
Food is essential to survival so why not enjoy it? It’s a great contribution to any social event, I’m sure you’ve all seen the TV show ‘Come Dine With Me?’ Why not replicate such an event within your flat or friendship group? To me and my family food is essential to socialising, and trying new foods with people is something I enjoy; I love to cook for people and see them enjoy my food :)

A baking challenge of lurrrrve <3

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012


CHALLENGE: As 1 of the 15 selected food bloggers, to use at least 3 of the yummy Silver Spoon Cakecraft ingredients (and also Nielsen-Massey extracts) sent to us to make something we’d want to receive on Valentine’s Day. After spotting this competition advertised by Baking Mad via Twitter and Facebook, I knew I HAD to be part of it; being a keen baker, food blogger and a romantic at heart I was pretty chuffed to be chosen!

Here’s my box of goodies that arrived a few days after finding out I was part of this exciting challenge…


A blog full of LOVE <3

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

V-Day (aka Valentines’ Day): you either love it or hate it, depending on your ‘romantic’ situation. Well, we thought we’d get into the spirit of things either way, so here’s some fruity food suggestionss, a nice little dinner menu if you’re loving enough to cook for your other half, and some cheeky gift ideas!

Foods to get you in the mood!

• Chocolate
Pure chocolate contains a chemical that gives the consumer a natural psychoactive good, excitable feeling, stimulating both attraction and euphoria. This is top of the list of aphrodisiac foods!

• Basil
Basil has many positive effects on your body and the smell of it alone is believed to be an aphrodisiac. The taste is also known to stimulate sexual desire and increase the heart rate – add it to your dishes!

• Bananas
Of course there is the obvious shape that associates the banana with…but it is also fact that bananas are filled with B vitamins, potassium and magnesium which help the male sexual libido!

Seb’s Posh Burgers & Chutney

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Another Guest Blog from young student chef/food blogger Seb Holmes!

‘Here is another great recipe straight from the kitchen with Head Chef Brian Arnold. After the beef has been cooked it can last in the fridge for about 3-4 days safely; it also freezes well so why not save a few for future meals. The red onion chutney also keeps for months in the fridge and tastes great with cheese so is well worth the investment; there’ll be loads of it spare so keep some in the fridge and eat it whenever you need a quick meal – sorted!’


Serves 4 | Makes 8 burgers

Secret Cheese beefburgers

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Ok so you’ve watched the ‘Home-made Burgers and Wedges’ video – and you’re probably desperate to get cooking and try making yourself! This is a secret recipe but we’re kind so have decided to share it with you – here it is! Keep it quiet though, you don’t want everyone to know how to make the best burgers ever!