Top 10 Foodie Trends for 2012

For the foodies among you, you might like to know some food forecasts for that have been predicted for 2012 – what’s going to be BIG in terms of eating habits and how we shop. Be inspired and take on board some of them so you’re bang-on trend!

1. It’s all about going local
Authenticity, provenance and ‘localness’ will be very important this year – so basically, where your food has come from. This goes hand-in-hand with living ‘sustainably’ which is cheaper and helps the environment; shopping at local markets, butchers and grocers will reduce your carbon footprint AND the amount you spend on food!

2. Eating yourself happy
2012 will be the year for eating uplifting foods (and drinks) to improve our moods. Serotonin is the ‘magic’ brain chemical believed to promote calmness and ease depression. Foods themselves don’t contain serotonin, but certain things help trigger it – go for: turkey, beef, bananas, eggs and dark chocolate.

3. Packaging innovations
As costs are being cut across the food and drink industry supply chain, packaging will inevitably be affected. Brands will be reducing packaging weight/size (‘light-weighting’), which is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long term – so look out for the differences!

4. Learning to…grow your own, bake your own, make your own
MasterChef, Come Dine With Me, Great British Bake Off…Cooking and food-related TV shows have had a huge influence on our shopping habits and how we eat. Who hasn’t been inspired to get in the kitchen, put a pinny on and bake/cook to your heart’s content – and for others to eat?

5. Foraging for truffles, mushrooms, wild berries and edible mini-beasts
We’ve done some videos on foraging and it’s no becoming rather popular! Courses are available nationwide teaching people how to forage, what to look for, and then turning their discoveries into three-course meals. This is the ultimate in foodie heaven for those who enjoy getting stuck in and venturing out into the wild!

6. Dinner parties – transformed
Cooking for housemates may be becoming more popular – people are spending more time and effort (but not necessarily money) on meal times to cheer themselves up, entertain and make evenings fun. Think Come Dine With Me but without the prize of £1,000!

7. Dusting off the recipe books and cooking from scratch
As a nation we’ve spent a ridiculous fortune on recipe books over the years, many of which have been left on the shelves to gather dust. You’ll probably have some at home – they are BACK for 2012! Dust them off and get using them, and don’t be afraid to be creative in the kitchen.

8. Food on the go gets a facelift
Brands have to work harder to get your attention in the grab-and-go market; convenience is as important as ever, but health factor is also becoming more of a priority. Quick fixes are always appealing – but even more so if they’re healthy!

9. Megatrends…on a budget
Health on a budget will be hugely important – as well as indulgence on a budget, convenience on a budget and premium indulgence. Can these expectations be matched? We will see this year!

10. Original food and drink pairing: inspiration for the nation
This is about collaborations in the food and drink industry: e.g. companies may hold champagne pairing events, matching bubbly with sushi, chocolate and cheese. Restaurants are showing more interest in providing wine, beer, cocktail and spirit matches to certain items on their menus…keep an eye out!

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