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Top Foodie Trends for 2012 – Part 2!

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

…A bit more to add on from the original ‘Top 10 Foodie Trends for 2012‘ post – didn’t want to make it too long! So here’s part 2 :)

Understated bars: Where the barmen know exactly what they’re doing, produce amazing drinks, but don’t shout out about it. ‘Hidden treasures’ is probably a good description – keep them secret so they don’t get too crowded for you and your mates!

Pop-up restaurants: Heard about smoothie bars, cafes or even restaurants ‘pop up’ in your city for a limited time? These are all the rage for 2012, so keep an eye out to make sure you don’t miss out!

Night markets: Eating is becoming the new clubbing. Dubbed ‘food raves’ – they’re cool, underground and a bit rebellious, making food and eating exciting! Eat St (London) is a great example of making food markets ‘cool’, as well as Northern StrEats in Yorkshire – street food in the North!

MEXICAN: This was pretty big last year – but as with all global cuisine trends, they can be slow burners; what will be big is borrowing techniques. SO expect to see a lot of Mexican-influenced ingredients and dishes!

Smoked foods: something else which you’ll be seeing more around in shops and cooking: smoked salt, garlic, spices…try it yourselves!

Seb’s Post-Christmas Pudding Treat

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

One of our student Guest Bloggers is back for 2012 – say hello again to Seb Holmes, a 3rd year Journalism student at Kingston University who has a passion for food, cooking, and blogging. Here’s another slice of some deliciousness from this young aspiring chef!

‘Hi everyone – I trust you have all had a great Christmas and eaten and drunk yourselves into a coma. I have been working over the Christmas break so this Recipe is a little different. My head chef Brian Arnold has kindly agreed to share one of his recipes with us so I hope you all have room for a little more. This is an extremely popular dessert, but slightly more expensive than usual so chip in with your flat mates and see what you think, it’s worth every penny and it makes plenty.’