Farmhouse Breakfast Week – get on it!

Whether it’s the Full English or a simple cereal and toast, you can’t beat a good breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day and shouldn’t be skipped – you’re missing out on vital nutrients and energy otherwise!

So we thought, in celebration of National Farmhouse Breakfast Week (22nd – 29th January 2012), we’d help spread the word of why EVERYONE should be eating breakfast and a few tips and ideas to get you eating first thing – inspired by the awesome Shake Up Your Wake Up website!

• Full English (sausages, bacon, baked beans, toast, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes)
• Scrambled/boiled/poached eggs and toast
• Porridge
• Continental (croissants, cheeses, ham…)
• Toast and jam/marmalade
• Cereal
• Bacon butty
• Fruit (and yogurt)
• Pancakes or waffles
• Fruit smoothie

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Blueberry & Banana Smoothie
Big Sharing Banger Breakfast
Posh Eggs Florentine & Berry Good Smoothie
American Blueberry Pancakes

Honey and Yogurt Porridge with Banana
Homemade Granola and Berry Compote
Oaty Apple and Orange Squares

• You’ve gone about 10-12 hours without food so your body and energy levels need replenishing to restore your blood sugar levels.
• It helps boost your mood, physical and mental performance (great for energy and concentration levels!).
• If you eat a healthy breakfast, it can actually help you stay within a healthy weight range or lose it rather than skipping it.
• You get a good dose of vitamins and minerals from the main food groups – if you eat a proper, balanced breakfast!

Find out more facts, advice and info here.


There’s lots happening during National Farmhouse Breakfast Week, which you can find out about here.

YOU can also get involved yourselves (there’s lots of ideas here, like organizing your own event) by taking part in The Breakfast Challenge, fronted by the lovely Melinda Messenger. Try eating breakfast for 5 days during the week – there’s some pretty good prizes on offer!

So, that’s our blog about breakfasts – we hope (most of!) you get into the spirit and eat first thing in the morning. See how much better you feel, you might even get into the habit of it!

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