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Hi I’m Natalie, a graduate from University of Leeds. I first started cooking when I became a veggie in my teens after my mum refused to indulge what she saw as a fad protest. 6 years later I’m still going strong and so’s the cooking! I love making carnivore-converting tasty veggie treats. I also enjoy baking pretty cakes. I tweet most of what I make so follow me on Twitter @JellyTotDealer.


Makes about 10 pasties.
Ready in an hour (worth it!)
Best eaten warm straight out the oven.

• 2 small potatoes (200g), peeled and cubed
• 1 and a half onions, finely chopped
• 50g butter, cubed
• 50g mature cheddar cheese, grated
• 75g gruyere cheese, grated
• 450g of ready-made short crust pastry sheets (1 pack of Justrol)
• 1 egg, beaten
• Some flour for dusting

1. Put the potatoes on to boil for about 20 minutes until cooked through.

2. Whilst potatoes are boiling, melt the butter in a pan until it starts to fizz slightly. Add the onions and saute on a medium – high heat until the onions soften and turn slightly golden. Empty cooked onions into a bowl and place in an open window so they can cool quicker.

3. Drain the now boiled chopped potatoes, and whilst still in the colander, run the cold tap over them to cool instantly. Set aside.

4. In a bowl mix the two cheeses, wholegrain mustard, cooled chopped potato and cooled onion. At this point I gave my mixture a bit of a mash to create a better consistency. Season to taste, but remember the mature cheddar will make it pretty salty as it is.

5. Lightly dust a clean surface with flour and unroll the pastry. Use a cutter to cut out pastry circles. Select a cutter size that reflects the size you want your pasties to be. I didn’t have cutters big enough so I improvised with a small bowl (4 inch width), which works just the same if you score round the edge with a knife. Short crust pastry is very easy to work with as it’s so malleable, so don’t be afraid of handling it. With the excess pastry from cutting, simply form into a ball, roll it out with a pin and repeat.

6. Once you have your pastry circles divide the filling amongst them by placing a dollop in the centre of pastry circles. Make sure you leave a 1cm border.

7. Take your egg wash and brush onto the semi-circle pastry border to help glue the other half down. Now bring over the other half of the pastry circle and press down along the border with your thumb to make the pasty. Use the back of a fork to press decoration into the edges.

8. Pierce 2 steam holes in the top of your pasties or they will explode! And finally brush the pasties with the remaining egg wash. Cook pasties on a baking sheet lined with grease-proof paper and place in a pre-heated oven at 200°c (190°c fan-assisted). Bake for 20 minutes or until the tops turn golden brown.

9. Remove from the oven and place on a wire-rack to cool for at least 5 minutes to prevent the pastry going soggy. Otherwise, eat eat eat! As these pasties are most delicious eaten warm :)

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