Exams? Get some brain food in you!

January is a pretty depressing month – it’s the aftermath of the excitement of Christmas and New Years’ parties, too much food has been eaten and alcohol consumed. The weather’s rubbish, it’s cold, dark and makes you want to hibernate. Plus it’s usually that dreaded time of year for students – the start of…*the dreaded word*…EXAMS.

But fear not, to help you get through it, we’ve got a list of what’s best to eat while you’re revising and for when you go into the exam hall. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! :)

Get some iron and vitamin B in you!
Both are really important in maintaining the physical and mental energy you need to study well. For iron: red meat, cereals and dark green veg like spinach – one great idea is chilli because it contains beef and kidney beans – double fix! Foods containing vitamin B: whole grains, eggs and nuts – get munching on these too!

Eat breakfast…The most important meal of the day!
Always make sure you boost your brain power first thing – and go for the options that will keep your energy levels up! Go for cereals (porridge, wholegrain ones, or a cereal bar) with some fruit and milk, plus some fresh fruit juice for extra vitamin C. A coffee isn’t too bad but don’t go crazy!

Go bananas!
Bananas top the list for brain power fruit. Blueberries are also a good choice, as well as apples and dried apricots – all good for the mind and steady energy levels to keep you going.

Power veg!
The darker the colour, the more nutrients it has. Choose things like red peppers, broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots – as the saying goes, eat a ‘rainbow’ of colourful fruit and veg!

Eat little and often
It’s best to eat a few more well-balanced smaller meals throughout the day rather then 3-big-meals-a-day, which can make you feel a bit rubbish and sluggish, plus your brain doesn’t work as fast. Try long-lasting energy foods like hummus, peanut butter or tuna sandwiches (made with wholemeal bread), scrambled eggs on toast, fruit and nuts or cheese, jacket potato and baked beans…

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