BURN’S NIGHT – A Scottish Celebration!

What’s Burns’ Night all about?

It’s a celebration of the life of poet Robert Burns and Scottish culture in general on or around 25th January every year. You’ll probably know the song ‘Auld Lang Syne’ – that’s Burns’ best-known work!


• Events
Many people and organisations hold a Burns’ Supper on/around Burns’ Night of all different kinds – formal or casual, just men or women or both. Many men wear kilts and women may wear shawls, skirts or dresses made from (family) tartan.

• Food
‘Haggis’ (a type of sausage prepared in a sheep’s stomach) is famous thanks to Burns’ Night, which is what the evening centres on – it’s entrance of it and being placed on the table. The host reads the ‘Address to a Haggis’ – an ode that Burns wrote to the Scottish dish – then at the end the haggis is ceremonially sliced into 2 pieces…then the meal begins!

Other foods (see recipes!) associated with Burns’ Night:
- Haggis
- Cock-a-Leekie soup (chicken and leek soup)
- Neeps (mashed turnips or Swedes)
- Tatties (mashed potatoes)
- Cranchan (whipped cream mixed with raspberries served with sweet oat wafers)
- Bannocks (a kind of bread cooked on a griddle)
- Whiskey – the traditional drink!

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