Meal Ticket to Syria – the recipes!

As you’ll have seen in the ‘Meal Ticket to Syria’ video, international student at Leeds Met Khaled showed presenter Lewis what Syrian food is all about. Not only did he take Lewis food shopping with him, giving him hints and tips about this Middle Eastern cuisine, but he also cooked him up two traditional dishes too! Here’s how he made them!


For the Mosakhan:
• Chicken breast, sliced
• 1 onion, sliced
• Pomegranate molasses
• Sumac spices
• Oil
• Tortilla wraps

For the Fatoush:
• Red onion, chopped
• Cucumber, cubed
• Fresh coriander, chopped
• Garlic, sliced
• Salad leaves
• Cherry tomatoes, halved
• Lime juices
• Vinegar
• Pomegranate molasses
• Olive oil

1. Fry the chicken in a pan with hot oil. Cook for about 5 mins until not pink, then add your onions.
2. When the chicken is cooked, shred it so it’s cut into smaller chunks – this way it absorbs more flavour from the molasses. Put the chicken and onions in a bowl, then add some molasses and 1tsp of Sumac spices – stir well!
3. Put the filling in the middle of your wraps, wrap up tight and place beside each other in the bottom of a dish. Bake for 10 mins in a preheated oven at 180 degrees.
4. Fatoush – While your Mosakhan’s in the oven, make the Fatoush. Chop your veg up and put in a large bowl with your salad. Mix up the dressing ingredients and pour over the salad bowl evenly – mix well then leave it.
5. Remove your Mosakhan from the oven, cover with oil and return to the oven for another 5 mins. Then you’re ready to dish out and serve with your tasty Fatoush side dish – yum!

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