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The brains behind GLORIOUS! Foods’ delicious range of soups, sauces, dips and stews, senior development chef Simon Gamble knows a thing or two about cooking. Classically trained in London, Simon has worked in some of London’s top hotels including the Piccadilly and the Chesterfield in Berkeley Square, Mayfair, where he became top sauce maker. He helped launch GLORIOUS! in 2008 and has been cooking up some of the most delicious recipes on the supermarket shelves ever since. Here he shares his advice on student cooking…


I didn’t go to university myself but my daughter is currently studying at Northumbria so I am very familiar with the difficulty that students can experience fending for themselves for the first time. She shares with six other people and they all tend to cook for each other which is a good thing when it comes to sharing the workload and not wasting ingredients.

My advice has always been – don’t be too over ambitious when you are just starting out and just have fun. Learn and practice three or four key recipes. If your friends and housemates do the same, before you know it you’ve got a whole repertoire of dishes that you can all make and share with each other.

One dish that everyone should know how to make is a basic tomato sauce – not only is it the perfect base for all kinds of dishes, it is the ideal way of incorporating some fresh vegetables into a meal. You can blitz it up to disguise the ingredients safe in the knowledge you are getting some vital nutrients.

Another top tip of mine would be to cook in bulk and then freeze portions for a later date – perfect for when you are in need of a quick home-cooked meal.


I was inspired to get into cooking by my Mum and Grandma – they were fantastic cooks. I knew I wanted to go into a career in food so I studied at college and then worked in a number of restaurants and hotels before moving into the development side of the industry about 15 years ago.

As senior development chef at GLORIOUS! I am responsible for creating and refining all of the new recipes and launches across all of our products. My team and I come up with ideas for new flavours which we could potentially launch into the range. Once a flavour idea has been signed off we start developing the recipe.There are lots of factors that need to be taken into account, from getting the nutritional balance and salt levels right, to ensuring that the product recipe is right for our consumer.

Once ready the recipe gets put through tasting panels and then the whole thing then needs to be scaled up and trialled within the factory to ensure it can be produced on a larger scale. The whole process can take up to 6 months. It’s a great feeling when you see the finished product packaged up and on the supermarket shelf and customers tell us how much they enjoy our products.

My favourite product is the Tuscan Chicken and Orzo soup. It was one of the first recipes that we produced and it really epitomises the GLORIOUS! ethos.


• 1 x Pot Glorious Mediterranean Tomato & Chianti Pasta Sauce
• Tagliatelle (80g per person)
• Handful spinach
• Splash olive oil
• Parmesan & Goats Cheese

1. Gently simmer the pasta sauce in a pan while you cook the tagliatelle in salted boiling water. Just before the pasta is ready add a large handful of spinach to the pasta sauce and check the seasoning.
2. Drain the pasta in a colander, saving a little of the cooking water. Then toss the pasta with a splash of oil and some of the reserved water to loosen it in a large bowl, add the pasta sauce and divide onto plates or bowls. Sprinkle over the Parmesan and goats cheese. (Use feta or ricotta if you’re not a great goats cheese fan) and enjoy.
3. Yum!

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