What would your ‘last supper’ be?

‘Every prisoner waiting to be executed is granted a last meal…’ What would yours be?

This is not a question the average person thinks about – mainly because this is not an average situation.

However surely you’ve thought about, or been asked what would your last meal be if you knew it’d be your last. We know it’s not the nicest thing to think about, but this very intriguing website/project – ‘Last Meals Project’ – caught our eye…

So, check this out for some interesting reading (from criminal minds), and think about what YOUR ‘last meal’ would be.

We asked our lot and here’s what they said…

Simon: Chicken Tikka Masala with all the trimmings from favourite curry house and Coca Cola (from a glass bottle!).

Oliver: Mum’s home-made jam roly poly with custard and a pint of Guinness.

Tom: A whole jar of marshmallow ‘Fluff’ and a Starbucks vanilla latte.

Joe: Plate of parma ham and an exceedingly old bottle of Barolo laced with deadly nightshade.

Rob: Chicken Katsu curry and Dr Pepper OR chips and dip depending on mood.

Nicola: Coco Pops and Yoo Hoo milkshake.

Sarah: Christmas dinner and sushi, lemon sorbet and a strong whiskey.

Eastwood: Mum’s Sunday dinner, Dad’s sausage sandwich, mint chocolate chip ice cream and gallons of Amaretto and cherry Coke (loads of ice).

Pam: Massive jug of home-made chocolate custard (see recipe!) and a Costa skinny latte with a cheeky shot of Amaretto.

Luke: Steamed trout with Thai green curry sauce and an ice cold Tiger beer.

Wills: Mum’s home-made sausage casserole and water (boring!!).

Josh: Grandma’s meatballs with pasta (OR Cowboy Bean Pot) and Japanese lemon ice tea.

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