The Grumpy Chef – who is he?

Want to know more about The Grumpy Chef? Here’s his bio so you can find out more about this culinary dude, be inspired and want to get cooking or writing about food yourselves!

‘I was classically trained, initially on the west coast of Scotland until I moved to North London and now work for a ‘gastro-pub’ in Cheshire. I started my career when I was about 16 and fell into it like most kids did back then, not really knowing what they wanted from life or for their future.

Little did I know what awaited me through those swing doors that only opened one way…once in, never out! It grabs hold of you firmly by the apron, and with the old-school training in full force back then, you sure as hell knew you weren’t in Kansas anymore!

You would endure what could only be described as an initiation: a full on torrent of screaming, shouting and having to duck frying pans and various other kitchen implements when mistakes were made or you got a little too cocky. Yet with that came the want and need to learn, to absorb the lessons and recipes being taught; to become a Chef and to be accepted by your peers.

It’s tiring work and, at times, soul destroying, but by then you are hooked. You know nothing else outside of those white tiled walls. You have two choices, give up or man up! Well, I didn’t give up. I carried on my career and though I may not be a Heston or a Gordon, I can do nice plates of food and have my moves in the kitchen.

After reading Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Kitchen Confidential’, I realised that the industry had been worse prior to my initiation. If you get a chance, then have a read…an amazing insight into the world of the Culinary Industry. This book then aimed me toward another direction…

It was actually an email to my Dad that started me on that path fully. I still have it. I began to write about my day, the ins and outs, what had got on top of me. Then one day, I had a rant of such epic proportions that he dubbed me ‘The Grumpy Chef’ and suggested I started a blog to vent my frustrations about the industry that I hold so dear to my heart, yet that winds me up day after day from commis chefs to customers…suppliers to bosses!

Although the blog needs a little work now and I am writing for ONE magazine annually, I have carried this on. Hopefully it makes people smile or laugh, but above all I do it for my own insanity…as most Chefs’ are insane whether you think they come across as nice and pleasant or not!

And now an invite to Guest Blog talking to you guys and girls…where will it end? I don’t have the answer but I do know I love to cook, I know that I love food and I know I love to write…what more could you need to know! ;)’


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