Sustainability? What’s that got to do with me?

This is a Guest Blog post from Tania, one of our presenters who features in the ‘Paint the Town Green‘ video we did at UWE – here’s her behind-the-scenes insights!

‘I’m just a regular student. Sure, I care about the environment and saving the planet and stuff, but while I’m at uni what can I do to help? So when I had to spend the day learning about sustainability, I was a little sceptical. However I learnt a fair bit about how I can improve my lifestyle and in turn, reduce my impact on the environment.

My first task of the day was to visit a farmers market, which comes to UWE Frenchay campus every first Tuesday of the month. I couldn’t believe I’d never been before! There were loads of fresh yummy produce which is locally sourced, and it’s at decent prices too. I bought some beautiful sausages, potatoes, cheese and a great little chutney to top it all off.

Then, I went into a kitchen and cooked a meal with my local ingredients. I learnt loads about saving electricity and how UWE have their own mega recycling system to stop the landfills overflowing. And I got some delicious grub to eat!

I realised so much from my day learning about sustainability. I learnt that using local produce is much better for the environment – if it is brought in locally, then there is a smaller carbon footprint, and it helps to keep British farmers in business! Even as a student, there are things I can do to be more environmentally friendly and create a more sustainable world. What a good day!’

Give the video a watch and be inspired to go green like Tania! :)

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