Freshers Tour ’11!

September: the end of a long, hot summer (well, supposedly, in England) and the start of another school/college/university year – back to some hard work!

But it’s not all depressing, especially for uni students – a new term = FRESHERS! So, since we work with uni’s around the country, and as we’ve done for a few years now, we joined in!

6 of the crew – the boys: Rob, Luke and Joe, the girls: Sarah, Pam and Nicola – split into two groups and spent 2 weeks road-tripping around the UK to be part of the Freshers’ fun, spreading the love of!

Here are a few anecdotes and snippets from the Tour…

The uni’s we went to:

• Liverpool
• Oxford Brookes
• Bradford
• Leeds Met
• Southampton Solent
• De Montfort
• Bath
• Birmingham
• Strathclyde
• Brunel
• Royal Holloway

Rob’s highlights:
As always the Tour took me from one end of the country to the other, met loads of people and got to go to loads of new places. Driving from place to place in the cramped wagon full of flyers, muffins, all the equipment and the rest of the team is always going to one of the stand out memories. I also enjoyed pretending to be a celebrity chef, not that anyone was convinced, although I did get to sign one autograph!

Luke’s highlights:
For me I enjoyed Liverpool because, as well as it being the home of Liverpool Football Club, it was the first event we did, meaning everyone was in high spirits and not tired! Also, students were really keen and engaged in the interactive quiz and the whole team was together – and Rob pretending to be a celebrity chef to get more interest.

Joe’s highlights:
Introducing the students of Royal Holloway to ‘Gary Rhodes’ was rather fun, as was running the karaoke (which no-one took part in!) and Rob signing leaflets for a girl who took a shine to him. Unfortunately this did not blossom into a long-distance relationship…

Sarah’s highlights:
My favourite Freshers event was lovely Liverpool! It was my very first event and we were altogether – twas a good laugh! The students were up for getting involved with quiz master Joe, and there was a good dose of humor throughout the day! Very fun!!

Pam’s highlights:
I loved being part of the Tour! It was mad, mental but loads of fun – and really interesting to visit the different uni’s and meet so many different people. It’s hard to say which event I enjoyed the most as they were all great in their own way – but because it was the 1st one and we were all together, Liverpool is my chosen favourite :)

Nicola’s highlights:
Doing the quiz was fantastic fun. For me, asking poor students to describe a cucumber in ten words was a definite highlight. Especially when girls had to do it – they did not know which way to look!! I enjoyed all the events but especially Oxford Brookes – it was a great atmosphere.

See the full photo album on our Facebook page!

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