The ‘Happy Food’ list!

What food would you say makes you happy? Chocolate? Beer? Cakes?

Well, according to the Happy Food Index (complied by Sainsbury’s Live Well for Less), they’ve been beaten by a certain vegetable that brings tears to your eyes and make your breath smell…yep, totally random and unexpected – onions!!

Foods were rated by shoppers using 9 categories:
• Moreish
• Yummy
• Healthy
• Fashionable
• Comforting
• Looks
• Taste
• Smell
• Expense

Find it hard to believe that onions came top? See what other (and probably more obvious) foods it beat…

Top 10 ‘happy’ :) foods:
1) Onions
2) Carrots
3) Baked beans
4) Bananas
5) Potatoes
6) Apples
7) Oranges
8) Tomatoes
9) Peas
10) Tomato soup
11) Noodles
12) Crumpets
13) Biscuits
14) Orange juice
15) Satsumas
16) Yorkshire puddings
17) Yogurt
18) Clementines
19) Milk
20) Garlic baguette

Can you believe chocolate isn’t even on the list?! Do you agree or would your own personal list be totally different? At least this shows healthy foods = happy foods :)

(If you’re interested, the bottom 5 foods were:
1) Mackerel
2) Lamb
3) Salmon
4) Wine
5) Butter )

Check this story out in the news:

Metro‘Onions beat chocolate and beer and crisps as Britain’s happiest food’

Daily Mail‘It’s enough to make anyone cry, but Lorraine Kelly fights back the tears as she lays on a bed of onions’

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