Putting Together the Perfect Student Kitchen

We’d like to introduce our guest blog writer, Michael Thornton from Magnet Kitchens. As well as doing online research and marketing for the company, Michael has spent the past few months writing about food and enjoys rustling up his own Chicken Tikka Lasagne – interesting! Here’s his tips on the ‘Perfect Student Kitchen’ – straight from the expert.

Putting Together the Perfect Student Kitchen

So you’ve just moved into your student home for the next year. You’ve got your bedroom just how you want it, and there’s even a garden for a good old summer barbeque. However, there’s one room left to sort out, and it’s one in which you and your housemates may end up squabbling about the most: the kitchen!

We’ve all heard nightmare stories about housemates leaving notes about washing the pots, and food mysteriously going missing from other people’s cupboards but, with a simple bit of fore planning, this can all be avoided.

Any student kitchen, regardless of taste, styles and interests, needs the basics. We’ve picked out these items as must-haves:

Bottle opener/corkscrew – If you’re going to have a boozy night sat around the TV, you’re not going to get very far without one of these!
Wooden spoons – Whether you’re making spag bol, a stir-fry or even a cake, a good quality wooden spoon will keep you in good stead.
Chopping board – This one is often overlooked, but a chopping board can keep your kitchen worktop from getting scratched. Subsequently saving your deposit.
Saucepans – And not just one!
Plates, glasses and cutlery – Six is a good number for each. This allows enough for when friends are visiting, and enough to avoid constantly washing up whenever you want to eat.


Cooking in student accommodation shouldn’t just be a means to an end, it can be a really enjoyable and social experience. Try adding these items into the mix to enhance your kitchen (if you’ve got the pennies!):

Coffee machine – Coffee machines may seem like a luxury, but they can really change your kitchen from ‘that place spag bol lives’ into a place to hang out. Pick up some Friends-style big cups, some flavoured coffee syrups and some chocolate sprinkles and you’ll be in coffee heaven.

American fridge freezer – If you have a particularly generous landlord, an American fridge freezer could really set your kitchen apart. Big, spacious and hi-tech, these fridges will please any gadget lovers in the house. In fact, they may even leave their X-Box for more than five minutes to check out the nifty features.

Fondue Set – You might have heard your parents going on about these 1970s relics and believe it or not they’re coming back into fashion! A fondue set doesn’t have to melt only chocolate, you can also use cheese, and it makes a cool centrepiece for any gathering. Why not use it next time you have a 1970s-themed fancy dress party?

Food processor – This handy utensil can be used for both food and drinks. It’s a great way to save time while making soup and also a super method of rustling up a quick cocktail. Just make sure you wash it after every use, otherwise you’ll end up with floaty bits in your drink!

Your kitchen need not be a boring place, nor should meal times be a chore. By brightening things up a little, and ensuring the basics are covered, your student home can be the classroom for your cooking education!

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