Rainbow cuisine – an eclectic mix!

Bursting with colours, flavours and variety – no wonder traditional South African food is also known as ‘rainbow cuisine’.

What’s interesting about this type of fare is its eclectic mixture of influences: Portugese, Dutch, French, Moroccan, Indian…they’ll all feature in menus, with all sorts of different herbs and spices, giving South African food a very unique and tasty twist!

Maize and meat (especially of goat, cattle and sheep) are the staples in most of the traditional food menus – if you’re a meat lover this is the place to be!

As well as ‘bobotie’ (a more exciting version of Shepherd’s Pie), some other common meat delicacies include ‘biltong’ (dried, salted meat), and ‘boerewors’ (hand-made spicy farm sausages made up of minced beef) – which is enjoyed best on a braai (barbeque), and served usually served with ‘pap’ (rice).

So, if you like your flavours, colours and different cuisines, South African food is where it’s at!

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