Waste not, want not

Every year students across the UK throw out thousands of tons of perfectly edible food when they leave their halls of residence. This creates something of a considerable environmental problem as much of this food waste gets dumped into the landfill sights across the UK placing further strain on Britain’s’ emissions.

With this in mind, the very green University of Bath got in touch with us to see how we could help their students improve their waste habits. The studentcooking team has seen some sights in the past, but this summer we saw some sights at Bath which made us think that students needed to know what to do with their end of term leftovers.

With the help of chef Chris we created three fantastic meals: Parmesan Beef Patties; an Open Tuna Lasagna and Caramelised Bananas. Considering all the food was going to be thrown out, Chris really showed our students that with a little creativity, they could create some spectacular food!

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