Love in the Granite City

Aberdeen may be a cold, grey city at times, but not when rolled into town – love was in the air!

In an attempt to set the lovely Ashley up with a dream hunk, we took 3 young men from around the globe and made them cook a healthy, Scottish dish in order to woo our highland lassie. All three boys had never so much as boiled a haggis before we met them and thought that Scottish food extended to no more than deep-fried Mars Bars.

Each of our lucky lotharios had thirty minutes to battle with a bit of Gaelic gastronomy and I must say, they all seemed to do a fine job. Ashley was happy enough with the Irn Bru and Scotch Eggs she munched on while the lads sweated it out in the kitchen. In the end all the dishes were fantastic and did credit to Scotland’s great culinary tradition!

And the winner?

Watch and find out…

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