Dave’s Day Out

Toss out those Tesco Club Cards! neglect your Nectar Cards! I have seen the future and it not high street supermarkets! It’s in the hedgerows, copses, under mossy stones, by river banks and footpaths!

Wild food has made a big impact on our TV screens in the last few years, with some of the top chefs championing the use of ingredients such as wood sorrel, chanteelles and gut weed. Dave was your average super-market shopper until he teamed up with man of action, Tony Wilson. Tony is a former St. Andrews student who is now one of Fife’s rangers, looking after Scotland’s natural habitat and helping people of all ages learn about the wilds they live in.

The day was great fun, and although we did not get our hands on any mushrooms or shell fish, we certainly got a good haul of tasty salad leaves which you will see on many a Michelin-starred menu.

The great thing about wild food is it is all free and usually right under your nose!


Foraging is not as simple as it looks! Thre are many dangerous, poisonous foliage and fungi out their that can seriously harm you. Before you set out into the woods, it might be worth picking up one of the many books out on the market, check the internet or get in contact with your local ranger!

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