Bolton Kitchen Guide – Utensils!

I hope you found our kitchen guide useful! Kitchens form continent to continent do differ due to the different cooking methods thats are adopted in each. As well as the appliances shown in the Kitchen guide there are also a few utensils you may come across which you may not really know what to do with!!

Not wanting to leave any stone unturned here is short practical guide to some of the not-so-fmailiar utensils you may find in a European kitchen.

Garlic press
It may look like a strange set of pilers but the handy little contraption helps to crush garlic to a nice fine paste for you to use in whatever you wish! Saves time and energy and stops your fingers smelling of garlic for days after!

Potato masher
As the name suggests this mashes potatoes. Get some aggression out and mash some patotoes with a bit of milk and butter to creamy perfection with this bad boy. About 10000000 times better than a fork for mashing gives you great mash in less than a minute

Cheese greater
While it may look like some sort of strange torture devise it is actually just for grating cheese into tiny little slithers.

This complex of kit can be used to a whole rang of dishes and is simply to help you mix up a batter or a cake mix with easy. You can also get electric version but thats just lazy!

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