YAM POTTAGE – University of Bradford International Cook-off 2011

Amina did a great traditional Nigerian Yam Pottage which blew away the judges to win this years International Cook-off. It’s actually super easy so if you fancy giving it a try here is the recipe!

Let us know how you get on and send us your pictures and you never know you could win yourself a studentcooking.tv cookbook!!!

1 Yam, peeled, washed and cut into cubes
1 cooking spoon of red oil
½ kg of chicken
1 tin of tomato paste
1 tablespoon of dried chilli pepper
1 dried fish, cleaned and deboned
1 teaspoon of ground crayfish
1 red onion, chopped
4 cubes of Royco seasoning
1 bunch spinach, washed and chopped

1. Put two cups of water in the cooking pot on the hob. Add the red oil, onion, chicken, tomato, pepper, crayfish and royco cubes.
2. After 10 mins, add the yam and dried fish and allow cooking for 20mins.
3. Check the yam to see if it’s cooked. If it is, stir thoroughly by mashing the yam then add the spinach. Taste for seasoning. Serve immediately.

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