Vegetable Chilli

In the video Sandy shows us how to make the Vegetable Chilli which is available in the Leeds Met food courts for Healthy Week. Its super quick, super easy and super tasty. If you wana give it a go the recipe is below!

100g mixed vegetables
-Red Onions
-red pepper
-fresh coriander

25g kidney beans
25g chick peas
25g butter beans
50g Chopped Tomatoes
180g Brown rice (cooked)
5g Olive oil for frying
20g Cheddar Cheese

Spices and seasoning
-dried chilli flakes
-ground cumin
-ground coriander

Stir in the chopped tomatoes, simmer & reduce down.

Whilst it simmers, boil the rice & then wash off with boiled water to get rid of starch.

Place rice on plate, spoon on vegetable chilli, garnish with fresh coriander and cheese (optional).

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