Leeds Met Healthy Week – Smoothy Bike Demo

Today some of the studentcooking.tv team spent the day giving out smoothys and talking to students around the Leeds Metropolitan University campus as they helped promote Leeds Met Healthy Week. As usual it was great fun and gave us the chance to talk to several students about the benefits of eating healthy and keeping active.

Never being satisfied just talking to students we took a long our custom made “Smoothy Bike” and got students to pedal their way to five-a-day by making their very own fruit smoothys. Not only getting a good dose of fresh fruit but also getting active in the process (even if it was for just 30 seconds).

Smoothies are seriously easy to make and a great way of getting more fruit into your diet. They only hard bit is if you don’t have blender.

To make our smoothy we used:

Mixed Summer fruit berries
1 Banana
Apple Juice

and nothing else… simple as that.

If you are a smoothy fiend why not send your own smoothy recipes to HELLO@studentcooking.tv and you never know if you like it you just might win yourself a studentcooking.tv cook book written by our very own food guru Oliver Harrison.

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