University of Sheffield International Food Court.

When it comes to eating on Campus i think i have now sampled everywhere between the South Coast and the rural Highlands of Scotland.  The university canteen is generally undergoing something of a transformation nationally and since my days at a University (which will remain nameless) where the most celebrated item on the menu was “random grey meat in random brown sauce” or the eerily, student named, “Baby Pie” ( i believe this was sausage and tomato pie) things seem to be improving.

Sheffield University however, have really set the bar high.  On one hand i am not surprised as i know from attending several chefs conferences the passion for food around the University is incredible.  I have eaten some seriously good food at Sheffield University and spoken to some top independent Chefs who would agree to.  It now seems that the good people at Sheffield University have really rolled out the gastronomic red carpet for their students and have created an area where they can get stuck into some exciting and innovative dishes at a very reasonable price from all over the globe.

From traditional foods provided by the “Chippy” outlet serving burgers and fish and chips(in the famous orange and brown colours of Sheffield’s very own Henderson’s relish- a sore point as i could not find any in the food hall) to the fantastic “Street Food” kiosk which really captured the essence of Oriental street food culture, Sheffield University’s food court has something for everyone.  I tried a creamy chicken curry which was excellent and if i had paid 8 or 9 quid for it at a restaurant i would not have complained, i also sampled some of the Mexican food on offer at Old El Paso which, as i was informed by the Vice Chancellor (thats right, even Keith Burnett eats here it is so good!) is some of the best he has had out of Mexico.

Wandering around and chatting to some of the first people to sample the food on offer i got the impression that everybody loved the place and the concept.  A group of Cypriot boys told me that it was their first experience of Fish and Chips and they loved the stuff, while to Japanese girls assured me that the Oriental food here was as good as anything they would get back home!  I did note that their was also Pizza on offer, the perpetual temptation of my life, but as regular blog readers will know (if you have seen any videos post 2009 you will see the blob known as joe) i have to stay away from such amazing cheese centric foods, but it did look very good.  Their is also, i must add, lots of tasty looking healthy food options available for those of you, like myself, conscious of your figure…

The cool thing is (and here is the official party line kids that i feel i have to include) is that you can come along and work while you eat! isn’t  that amazing!!! Study and food combined.  The place is open pretty late as well.

All in all i was very impressed by what has been achieved at Sheffield, the food and atmosphere was superb.  I suppose all it needs now is a couple of bottles of Henderson’s relish knocking about and i am truly sold.

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