Guide to Aberdeen: Where to go.

We visited several fantastic shops in Aberdeen selling some wonderful fresh, local and Scottish ingredients.  All these shops trade at very competitive prices, the staff are fantastic and are always willing to lend you some advice (remember to be a bit cheeky and ask for a little discount or AT LEAST a free taster)

Our first stop was D. Nicholl fishmonger, which had a wonderful selection of fresh, smoked, and shellfish.  The women who worked in the shop were fantastic characters and had lots to say for themselves! I have no doubt they have a wealth of amazing information and recipes so definitely have a chat with them.

To find Nicholls:

D Nicholl Fish Munger. 01224 636635. 243 Rosemount Place, Aberdeen, AB25 2XX

Open from 8:00, seems to wind down trading in the afternoon though.  We got there at 1:00 and most of the fish had gone.

After Nicholls we bombed it down the road (I should add at this point that Rosemount place is an amazing shopping area) to Herds butchers.  Now I have a bit of a thing for Scottish meat (oooh err! “Carry on I think) the range of meat at Herds is truly excellent with lots of fresh Beef products sourced from the local area.  The Beef sausages looked amazing as did the Lorne sausage and the Steaks.  They had a lovely selection of dark pork meat and enough chicken to KFC open for months.  What struck me most was the price difference with the supermarket, so much cheaper for better quality meat.

If you fancy checking out Herds it is conveniently on Rosemount place,

Herds. Butchers. 277 Rosemount Place Aberdeen Aberdeenshire AB25 2YB.

Keeps regular opening hours and also has a deli section serving sandwiches on the side.

Our final location was Mellis the cheese monger.  I have been to Mellis in Edinburgh and was blown away by the selection of cheeses from around the world, but had never really got my teeth into anything from Scotland.

Ed, the manager of the store is a fantastic guy who really knows his stuff and took the time to show us around the store and introduce us to some of the best cheese Scotland has to offer.  Cheese is not only for after dinner, but there is a whole range of fantastic meals a lovely bit of artisanal cheese can compliment.  Ed has promised to share some of his cheesy recipes with us so if you go down and have a chat I am sure he will be able to help.

To find Ed, head over to:

201 Rosemount Place, ABERDEEN AB25 2XP 01224 566 530.

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