Food of the Saints?

Mufadal Jiwaji tells why St. Andrews is the gem of Scotland’s gastronomic re-invention!:

St Andrews loves food, and foodies love St Andrews. My favourite way to compose a meal in the bubble is to see what’s new, exciting and fresh in the vast array of local producers. Nip into John Birrell’s greengrocers (201 South St) and pick up some seasonal veg, tasty fruit and a bunch of fresh herbs. Onwards, but not very far, to Minick’s Butchers (183 South St) where you’ll find a huge selection of meat and poultry. So whether it’s venison burgers or quails’ eggs, you must stop by.

Continuing down the road, as you wander past Argos the tempting smell of I. J. Mellis  Cheese Monger (149 South St) lures even the most ardent anti-fromagist into the delights of the cheese shop. I’m the sort of person who has to try something new, so I always ask what has just become available and sample to my heart’s content. What’s more, you can pick up a pint of Jersey milk, some local variety apples and any number of chutneys and jams to accompany your cheese. There are two important delis in the town: The Little Italian Shop (33 Bell St) and Butler & Co. (10 Church St). Both stock a phantasmagoria of tasty treats and exciting edibles for your delectation. At The Little Italian Shop you’ll find paella rice, home-made chicken-liver pate, fantastic wild-mushrooms and even truffle-honey. Butler & Co. is renowned for its freshly-made wraps, but did you know you can buy the Lebanese Khobez bread to make your own wraps at home? From American, to Thai, and every sort of olive in-between, the friendly staff at Butler & Co. will guide you through the vast stock of produce.

What is food without wine? For all of my spiritual needs I stop off at Luvian’s Bottle Shop (66 Market St). Whether it’s the sumptuous Ruggeri Prosecco, Peroni Gran Reserva, or the finest Monte-Christo cigars the shop is an oasis of vice. If you happen to wander in during a tasting, be prepared to spend a good half an hour sampling wines and whiskies. There are, of course, the necessary evils of Tesco Metro (138 Market St) and Morrisons (45 Largo Rd.) for the less-discerning shopper.

Beware, buyer, of falling into the mindset that you need a vast quantity of cheap food where it would be much healthier, tastier and economical to buy a little less at a much greater quality from the local producers listed above.

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