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Country Cooks At Imperial: From Korea with Love

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Joey: I won’t pretend that I wasn’t slightly intimidated by Ophir’s experience of cooking at the start! I wouldn’t consider myself to be a master chef but I like to think I can hold my own. However, hearing of Ophir’s work experience in a professional kitchen added a whole lot of pressure.

Thankfully, that feeling quickly disappeared as I started to chop up my ingredients. I was eager to prove myself and demonstrate a whole new world of cooking that even the top Western chefs often overlook. It’s funny how things never go according to plan.

I was taken back when we had to switch dishes to say the least. Prior to making the film I had eaten a lot of risotto but not cooked a lot of it. I was thankful that Ophir had left such good directions to follow. I felt rather bad that I couldn’t reciprocate- cooking good Asian food isn’t so much following a step-by-step recipe and exact amounts as cooking by ‘feeling’, requiring some experience. But you have to start somewhere!

I think I did well with the risotto considering I’d never cooked it on my own before. I have full confidence in my cooking ability but everybody gets nervous when doing things for the first time. Now, risotto has become one of my signature dishes, especially seafood risotto with paprika, which I actually preferred to the mushroom recipe I cooked in the film. I hope Ophir has tried cooking more Asian food since the filming. He seemed to enjoy the challenge and he’s a confident cook so I think with practice he could conjure up some tasty dishes.

How to NOT get booed.

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Doing a bit of busking (or ‘street art’ if you’re feeling pretentious) can be a good way of earning a few pennies while at uni. If you’re looking to get some extra spends for more luxury food and are considering busking here are a few tips:

  1. Have a talent: everyone hates a rubbish street performer. Before you go out decide what your act is and practise it. If you’re going to play guitar and sing make sure you learn a few songs so you don’t have to keep repeating the same one!
  2. Research the area: you really need to know a thing or two about the area you intend to occupy with your busking. For one thing you want to make sure it’s safe as I’m sure you don’t want to be attacked or have your earnings nicked! Something else you need to consider is that a lot of councils require you to have a busking license that you have to apply for. No license no busking!
  3. Don’t beg: believe it or not there are some rules to busking, which exist to separate it from begging. Namely you’re not permitted to ASK for money as this is soliciting for cash/begging. As a busker you simply have to rely on your raw talent and peoples good will.
  4. Pick your time: rainy or cold winter days do not do much for the public’s mood or generosity. There are generally less people about and you will probably find you earn less in these situations. The exception to this being the Christmas period when you can cash in on the busy shopping streets!
  5. Mix it up: People will only throw you cash every once in a while and if they gave you some last week, you may not get any this week. As people are creatures of habit, you will often see the same locals in town each time you busk, which can be beneficial as they get to know you, but you may find that after a while your earnings dwindle in one place and you’ll need to go somewhere else to get a fresh audience. When thinking of where to go remember: Tourism is a buskers best friend!

What a Load of Amazing Rubbish!

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Hayley : I’ve always known the importance of recycling, but it’s something that I’ve never really paid much attention to.  I know you should do it, but I always find it difficult to make it a habit.  But after visiting the recycling site, it’s really brought home how important recycling is.  I’ve never seen so much rubbish in one place and to think that it can all be used again is pretty amazing!
Has it changed my views about recycling?  Yes, I’d say so.  Like most people, I did recycle, but it was something I did on the off chance, and didn’t really make it a habit.  Now, I’m going to make it a habit-it’s not really hard to do, but it makes a big difference to the environment.

Recycling Tips 101…

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Recycling is easy.  The hardest part though is making it a habit.  But hopefully, these handy hints and tips will make your life a little greener:

1.  Put your recycling box next to your bin.  That way, it’s as easy to recycle as it is to throw away.
2.  Glass jars will need a quick rinse out, but you don’t need to bother with taking any labels off-the recycling process will remove these.
3.  A lot of universities have prizes for the hall that does the most recycling-if your uni doesn’t do it yet, try suggesting it!
4.  Put a recycling bin in your bathroom-put all the toilet rolls and empty shower gel bottles in there then move them to the kitchen to recycle.
5.  Remember, recycling doesn’t just mean throwing away.  Take any unwanted clothes, books and CDs to your local charity shop to carry on doing your bit for recycling.

Get Green With Chris Steele…

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Traditionally Loughborough University is known for its success on the track,  the pitches and the academic league tables. Now the University has its eyes on a new medal…and its not gold….its green!

With 4400 students living on campus along with 3000 staff visiting every day there’s bound to be not only large amounts of waste, but a variety of different types too! So how does the University deal with this? The main source of this waste is you! The humble student! With 4400 students living in halls of residence at Loughborough, a yearly total of 442 tonnes of rubbish goes to landfill each academic year! “Wow that’s a lot of rubbish!” you might say, but believe me compared to 2006 when the figure was almost double this, we’re on the right track!

Here’s how we’ve been cutting down on what goes to landfill – and how you can lend a hand!

Recycling in halls has never been easier! Each kitchen is equipped with a stock of purple sacks in which you can put a massive range of recyclables, these include:

Tin cans*
Plastic bottles*
Plastic milk cartons*
Plastic yogurt pots*
Tetra pak juice cartons*

*(washed out first of course)

On top of this all glass bottles and jars are collected in the crates provided in the kitchens and you can make RAG money for your hall by bringing them to the bottle weigh in each month! Ask your Committee Environmental rep for details!

The University are also combating food waste.  All the food waste from two halls of residence now goes to a dedicated composting facility where a 14 day process sees it get turned into high quality compost, ready for use on the university flowerbeds and pitches. So what you leave on your plates now ends up feeding the plants instead!

Chris Steele
Environmental and Sustainability Co-ordinator

Firstly you need the right staff for the job. Loughborough is lucky in the sense that it has an Environmental and Sustainability Co-ordinator looking after its accommodation, an Ethical and Environmental officer motivating students and raising awareness and a Sustainability Manager to oversee everything! Alongside this, environmental champions have been recruited in all areas of the University to spread the green message!