Fairtrade: A Students Perspective

Richard: I had a really great day filming with Studentcooking.tv and, most importantly, learnt a great deal from it. Since doing the segment I have made much more of an effort to buy Fairtrade than I did before – partly because of the things we did in the film and partly because Zöe now knows she’s converted me!

A mis-conception I had about Fairtrade was that the taste wasn’t as good as non-fairtrade products. I’ve found with the Fairtrade food that I’ve been cooking that you really can’t tell the difference! I don’t actually know where I even got the idea from that it wouldn’t taste as nice. In fact I think it might taste a little better, because you can eat it with a clear conscience, and know your helping others.  Something else I’ve found about Fairtrade is that once you know the stuff is out there you see it everywhere!  It’s really easy to build it into your shopping and some items, such as tea, actually work out cheaper.

There are far more FT products than I thought there was and you can also find them in much more places than you’d imagine. I know Co-op are the biggest provider of FT things but it can be easily found elsewhere. I really would urge people to make that step into buying Fairtrade, there’s no compromise on the taste and only a minimal effect on the price of your shopping. An extra cost I would say was worth it for what the farmers and producers get out of it.  If more people bought Fairtrade it would urge manufactures to make more selection and become more standard practice. We really can make a huge difference by changing our shopping habits in small ways.

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