The Carnivore and the Carrot

When I first took on the vegan challenge I thought I was just not allowed to eat meat and fish, but when I found out that I couldn’t eat any type of food from an animal source, I realised it was going to be even tougher to go three days following a strict vegan diet. Even for foods you would assume to be vegan, like a bag of crisps, often contained some sort of animal product, and so I found myself having to check every food label. During the challenge I started having to eat foods I would not normally consider, such as soya milk, which I think would take a bit of getting used to! Being a footballer for Loughborough University and keen sportsman, I try to take in plenty of protein and carbohydrate in my diet and so have always thought that vegetarian and vegan diets were unhealthy because they lacked meat, which is high in protein. I realised from doing the challenge just how limiting a vegan diet is in what you can eat, but at the same time, although it is maybe more difficult and time consuming, it is still possible to eat a varied and balanced diet by making up for the vitamins and protein in meat and eggs by eating plenty of vegetables, nuts and soya. Although I can safely say that I won’t be becoming a vegan soon and am going to carry on eating meat!

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