Working Lunch

Isn’t university a wonderful thing, you wake up, someone makes your breakfast. When you return from a hard day in the library your bed is made, sink unblocked and light bulb changed, all in time for a nice hot meal!

Well, these things don’t happen by themselves! In fact there are hundreds of people employed by the university to make sure your time there runs like clockwork!

With this in mind, the University of Leicester set us the task of turning the tables a bit, and giving a handful of students the chance to spend the day in a number of different facility roles. The students would have to spend the day working in a number of different jobs and in return they would receive a fantastic meal prepared by one of their “co workers”.

With the roles assigned, it fell to Yishan to rough it out in the kitchen with chef Ben to create a hearty lunch consisting of Cottage Pie and Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble.

By lunchtime, all the workers were ready for a steaming plate of food and a bit of a chat, which was dutifully supplied by the worn-out Yishan.

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