Cottage Pie


For the pie filling:
• 1 Beef OXO cube
• 2 medium onions, chopped
• 500 g extra lean minced beef
• 75 g swede, cut into small cubes
• 1 large carrot, chopped
• 1 stick celery, thinly sliced
• 1 tbsp plain flour
• 1 tbsp tomato purée
• 1 tsp dried thyme (or 1 tbsp chopped fresh)
• 1 tsp dried parsley (or 1 tbsp chopped fresh)
• Freshly ground black pepper

For the topping:
• 1 Vegetable OXO cube
• 4 large potatoes (approx. 900g), cubed
• 75 g butter
• 50 g mature cheddar cheese, grated
• 2-3 tbsp fresh coarse white breadcrumbs

1. Preheat oven to 170°C.
2. Fry the minced beef together with the onions in a saucepan until the mince becomes crumbly and turns a rich brown colour and the onions have softened.
3. Add the swede, carrot and celery and cook, stirring, for a further minute or two.
4. Crumble in the beef OXO cube, sprinkle in the flour, and add the tomato purée and herbs. Mix well then blend in 250ml hot water. Season with freshly ground black pepper. Partially cover the saucepan and simmer over a very low heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. The stock will reduce to just the right rich consistency.
5. Meanwhile, boil the potatoes for 15 minutes or until tender. Drain thoroughly and return to the saucepan, add the butter and mash until smooth.
6. Pour the mince into a deep 20cm (8 inch) baking dish and spread the mashed potato evenly all over. Mix together the cheese, 1 crumbled Vegetable OXO cube and the breadcrumbs.
7. Scatter over the potato and bake in the oven for about 25 minutes or until the top is crusty and golden brown.

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