Christina’s Chicken and Leek Pie

Christina gave Addy a great dish to attempt for our crash course in British food. If you want to give it ago yourself then here it is!


Olive Oil


2 Breasts Chicken (Approx 400g)

Handful of chestnut mushrooms

Thyme (Fresh or Dried)

Creme Fraishe (1Tablespoon)

Plain Flour (1Tablespoon)

Stock cube/stock pot

Readymade puff pastry

Green Beans

1 egg


  • Preheat your oven to 200°C
  • Get your puff pastry out of the fridge
  • Put a saucepan on medium heat and add approx 3 tbsp olive oil
  • Slice the chicken into CM strips and add to the saucepan
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • Add a knob of butter
  • Chop and add leeks
  • Sprinkle in some thyme
  • Wash, slice and add the mushrooms
  • Add 1Tbsp Creme Fraishe, 1 tbsp flour and 300ml Chicken Stock
  • Give it a stir, don’t worry if it seems runny, it will become thicker when baked
  • Leave the saucepan on the heat until the chicken is cooked (this should only take a couple of minutes)
  • In the mean time, roll out puff pastry to the size of your oven dish
  • When the chicken is cooked, pour the contents of the saucepan into the oven dish and cover with the pastry
  • Turn the hob on high and put your saucepan aside to wash up later
  • Score shallow lines into the pastry and glaze with the beaten egg
  • Stick it in the oven until it looks cooked (Usually about 20 mins)
  • Put a saucepan of boiling water on a hot hob
  • Wash the green beans and chop off the ends and slice them vertically
  • Place the beans in a colander,  put this on top of the saucepan of boiling water and place the lid on top
  • Steam for around 10 minutes
  • Serve you green beans with a knob of butter, which will compliment the creamy flavour of the pie

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